Makati Bars

Makati Bars

Makati Nightlife – Partying In a Gogo Bar

Makati Nightlife

Makati is identical with modern living, in fact it’s probably the most sophisticated city in the Philippines. This place is known worldwide as the business center of the Philippines, where businessmen from all over the world are making business deals on a daily basis. But this city also has a different side, a playful side. Besides being a business center, Makati is also known for its vibrant nightlife scene.

In Makati, you can find various nightlife venues with different kinds of entertainment and atmospheres. From exotic restaurants to sports bars and nightclubs, this city has everything to keep your nights exciting.

One type of nightlife venue that’s quite popular in Makati is gogo bar. Makati has many go go bars, but while you’re hunting for a great gogo bar in Makati, you really should include some that are located in Manila, it’s not far from the city and it has some really great go go bars. Below some of the best gogo bars that are located around Makati and Manila:

The Cotton Club – This club has a lot of sexy girls ready to entertain you, in fact it’s probably one of the gogo bars in the area that has the most girls. Located on P. Burgos Street, Makati, This is actually the sister club of The Cotton Club in Pasay City. From the moment you enter the bar you can already see about 20 girls dancing on stage. This venue starts the show from 6pm, and usually they will bring out the hotter girls later at night, typically after 9 pm. So to avoid waiting 3 hours for the hot girls, you might just want to be there after 9 pm.

LA Café – This place looks and feels like a gogo bar, but actually it’s a sports bar. This place has a lot of freelancers hanging out in the bar. Also located on P. Burgos Street, Makati, LA Café has a nice live music entertainment on the second floor. This is a really popular place to pick up girls, but you might want to arrive a bit earlier, as this place can become really crowded very quickly.

Amazonia Bar – Located near the LA Café, this gogo bar has all types of girls, from average pinay girls to some really hot ones. Besides bar, they also have pool tables where you can relax and play a bit, perhaps while flirting with a girl you like. You can also checkout some hot girls dancing on the stage.

Kojax – This gogo bar is located in Manila at Badajos Street. This place is known for having some of the sexiest girls in the business, but hot girls are not cheap, this bar is also known for charging expensive bar fines that can go up to 3,900 Pesos. The drinks in this place are also quite pricey, you might have to pay 200 Pesos just for a bottle of soft drink and they only take cash. So prepare to dig deep through your wallet if you want to have fun in this place, but if you really want some really hot girls this is just the place to be.

Plan B – This is another go go bar in P. Burgos Street, Makati. It’s a relatively new bar, but the place is really organized and you can tell that it’s very well managed. Pretty much like Kojax, this bar also has lots of hot girls, they charge high bar fines and only takes cash. No doubt this is one of the best go go bars in the city, but just prepare to spend a bit more money in this place.

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High Heels – Being one of the oldest bars in Manila, High Heels is definitely a venue to watch for. It keeps on improving itself and remains on top even though there are many new bars around. Once you enter the venue you will see lots of pretty girls dancing on stage, and there are also many cute girls roaming around the place, talking to the guests and attending their needs. Beware though as there are also some older women here, for bar fines that can go up to 3,600 Pesos you really want to make sure that you take the right girl.

Rouges – If you don’t have too much money to spend but still want to enjoy a great entertainment from cute Pinay girls, then Rouges might be the right place. The bar fine is only 1,600 Pesos, but you really need to find a spot where you can get enough light before you take a girl out just to make sure, because inside this place is really dark.

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